The Journey To Redemption Begins

A Renowned Writer,

A Mother of a Six-Month-Old Baby,

A College Sweetheart,

Moreover, a Doomed Love Affair!

                  Selina Brewster, a twenty-eight-year-old renowned writer of New York City, is currently unhappily married to her husband, Jason, and now the mother of a six-month-old baby, James. Gabrielle, one of New York City’s top financial mogul and Selina’s ex-lover, recently reached out to Selina to rekindle their relationship after six years of complete radio silence. Roughly six years ago, Gabrielle’s brother told Gabrielle that her sexuality would get in the way of her dreams and ultimate success in Corporate America causing Gabrielle to cut off her relationship abruptly with Selina. Now, six years later, Selina and Gabrielle’s paths cross again. Everything goes haywire for these two broken souls.

Will Selina be able to sit through drinks with Gabrielle?

Will Gabrielle be able to fix herself, along with Selina, again?

Or will Selina stay with her husband and child?

Read between the covers of “Debauched Romance”, to know if love wins or loses one more time.

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“I honestly believe that every single soul in this universe has had a romance that is ‘debauched’ in nature. However, we are just not open and honest with the world when it comes down to the time to reveal who can crush us with a quick snap of their fingers. Why would anyone want to acknowledge the awful truth that someone could leave another person completely- raw and vulnerable? It is quite disturbing to know that a romantic soulmate/life partner is the only person that can/will break a person down to build them right back up.” —Franchesca Dargin




“I absolutely love this book! The plot flowed nicely, and the characters were beautifully written. Can’t wait to read more stories by this emerging author.”

“Fun to read and the story between Gaby and Lina kept me engaged.”